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"A Living Legacy of Love"

November 14, 2015 was my Dad's 68th birthday and we had plans to see Cirque du Soleil in Vancouver B.C. Canada, it was our "thing" that we had been going to for years when they arrived in town.  We were excited that this year we'd be going on his actual birthday, I called him the night before after work and we arranged a time for him to pick me up...but he never arrived.

The next day I waited for him, I kept looking out the window for his car to pull up, but he was already long gone. No warning, no illness, no goodbye. Larry Voth passed the day he was born with the beautiful blessing of transitioning peacefully in his sleep.

He was my absolute best friend and I was instantly cast into a turbluent sea of grief. I struggled to breathe, let alone navigate my way into the unknown without him and I began questioning everything. I asked the big questions, Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? 

With Executor responsibilities & pressed to sell my humble family home, I learned the hard way through desperately begging time to release me from the pain of loss. 

Many difficult experiences occured in my life as a result from grief keeping me stuck in old patterns, I made poor decisions and compounded my loneliness with unhealthy choices. Grief is a natural part of bereavement until it becomes years of lamenting and inability to let go.

Grief transforms our world so it is never the same after the loss, because love doesn't know where to be placed with the object of affection physically missing. Hiding within the loneliness, tears, exhaustion and despair is the one thing you thought you lost, your lifeline to unconditional love.

My journey continues as I provide care-giving for my Mother with Alzheimer's. I'm learning how to live between the polarities of no goodbye to my Dad, and the longest goodbye to my Mom. (Dementia is often referred to as the longest goodbye). The responsibilities have been great, The F.L.O.W Program gave me the tools to transform to a place where I celebrate my life and live my purpose with passion to help others.

One thing is certain, change is a natural law of existence and I've learned to accept my journey and honour my Parents by becoming their "Living Legacy of Love". I'm here to help you become your living legacy too. 

Your heart already knows the way, listen and learn to breathe again, drop anchor into the gifts gleaned from grief. I've helped many adult men and women move through their pain and celebrate their joy. Take my hand, let's F.L.O.W back into your natural state of wholeness and celebrate joy for life everyday! 

I offer you this unique Transformational Grief Coaching for Parental Loss, because grief doesn't heal - you do. Take the first step with me, right now.

8 Week Transformational Program


Certified as a Practitioner in De​nise Dielwart's Transformational F.L.O.W Method to guide you through your healing transformation. This 8 week unique program is online and self-paced. Learn from the comfort of your home with me as your exclusive Personal Transformational Grief Coach in real-time at your service.

FLOW - Feel. Let Go. Overcome. Become Whole. 

Time is an illusory belief that we are bound to it to wait to heal. You are not broken, your potential exists inside you at every unfolding moment to discover. There is a diamond inside you waiting to shine, polish it with your willful efforts to feel, let go of stories, overcome challenges, and ultimately live at peace from your heart centre. Let's explore your potential together - not alone. BOOK NOW below.


Grief doesn't heal because it is an emotion, but you can. Emotions are energy in motion that flow through us when we allow it. When you don't accept or acknowledge what you are facing the energy becomes stuck, and you are destined to repeat the same patterns which only leave you desperate for change. 

Every moment is an opportunity to connect with your heart's intelligence to transform heartbreak into honey, and discover your true self. Are you listening to your heart's truth? Ask you heart this one question, "What would your heart say if it could speak?" Learn to listen to it and trust it, because no one else will if you don't. 

That's why I am here to help you. Let go of struggling and pain, why wait for time, click BOOK NOW to secure your complimentary free discovery call to begin your transformational healing journey today.



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Allison Voth "A Living Legacy of Love"

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