Hello Love


"You had me at Honey"


Serving our community, locally & globally within the expression of my greatest treasure: my honey heart. It is my purpose to offer tools that give you the ability to query your heart for the answers that you seek, instead of Google.

I offer multiple modalities that serve you on your journey returning to your inherent state of wholeness:

  • Transformational Grief Coaching for Parental Loss
  • HeartMath Self-Regulation & Resilience Coaching
  • Published Non-Fiction Stories & Articles
  • Custom Guided Meditations
  • Gentle Relaxation Yoga
  • Empowering Events

With 2 decades of work experience in the Federal Public Service including 5 years as a Volunteer Auxiliary Constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, I began I investing in myself through devotion to personal development, self-reflection and pushing myself consistently outside my comfort zone after the sudden death of my Father in 2015. Through the process and fire of being vulnerable and uncomfortable, I uncovered the ultimate treasure. Guess where I found it? Inside my heart - the most painful place to go and look. Often many people do everything to spend life avoiding the crucial inward journey that will ultiimately lead to our highest intelligence. 

Presently in mid-life, I have learned to become my own Leader by harnessing difficult emotions and transforming them into beautiful diamonds & pearls of wisdom. I give you my treasure as an offering; so you don't have to spend countless years, mistakes, and challenges over searching for the tools you need right now.

I believe in fostering relationships through our inter-connectedness and sharing our gifts to nurture and sustain our collective. Let's embrace the unknown and live our lives without knowing how much time we have, raising courage on our healing journey taking one conscious step at a time. I guarantee it is the best adventure you will ever have once you let go of the pain of the past, and give honour to the power of love and let it live in you. I cannot carry you on your inward journey, but I vow to walk beside you every step of the way.

Acknowledge & accept that you only have two choices; choose love or fear. Between these polarities lie every potential and opportunity to transform your life too. Learn to get your honey heart-on with me, what could be sweeter?

Passionate to connect with like-minded  individuals to co-create a shared vision together of our future. I collaborate with many entrepreneurs, groups, and businesses because I believe in community over competition. This is what will sustain and nurture our path forward within this incredible gift of life. Proactivity vs. reactivity is the way of our new life, it is the key to growing "A Living Legacy of Love" for the benefit of future generations.

"To embody pure love, is to evolve"

Allison Voth 


PO Box 75191, Surrey B.C. Canada V4H 0B1