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Become a Legacy of Love

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"Step into your life as a living legacy."

Feeling stuck and overwhelmed by the loss of your parent? Are you desperate to have them back and wish they never left you because you think you will never feel whole again? Unprocessed emotions of grief, sadness and pain may cause health concerns, or it could be even worse - grief becomes part of your identification and an excuse not to move forward with your life.

I have been exactly where you are now when my Dad passed of a sudden death on his birthday. I thought I would never survive, but I did, and now I'm here to walk you through the path I created to live a joyful life as my legacy.

My unique 'Legacy of Love' program is your opportunity to connect with your heart's intelligence to discover more of who you truly are by working through physical, mental and emotional exercises to process the dense emotions, and begin to self-regulate. 

Trust that spirit led you here to uncover your gifts within the grief and claim your spiritual inheritance your birthright to live your life with joy!


"Honour the best of your parents."

Don't wish for change, start planting the seeds of your legacy into the future now. Did you know that time is an illusory belief that we are bound to it to wait to heal? I know you may feel broken, but grief is not a curse you have to live with the rest of your life.

You can live a life of peace by taking the steps to invest in yourself to grow with the practical tools I provide in my 1:1 Coaching. Comprised of authentic real-time learning, we journey together over 8 weeks for you to learn to heal the pain, give honour to the past, and create space for your heart to bloom again. 

Learn my distillation process to sift through, and uncover, the best traits of your parents so you can embody them to curate your life after loss; even if that just means going to work without having to choke back tears all day. Or maybe you want to create something truly honoring with your life? 

You will gain the tools you need to heal and celebrate your life as a living legacy of your parents, even if they were challenging relationships. Book a complimentary call with me to discover if you are ready to become a legacy of love.


Photo credit: Community Photography

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