Bee Blessed​


Torn Apart, to Motivated

21 May 2021

The Intuitive Motivator, Elias Patras sat down with Allison to share his powerful story of how he moved through childhood adoption, losing multiple family members at a young age, and ultimately his beloved parents. Watch here

Unworthy to Wholeness

30 April 2021

The Alignment Coach and Psychic Medium Marisa Wilke sat down with Allison to talk about how she turned sexual trauma, unworthiness and suicideality, into wholeness. Watch here

Pain into Power

27 Mar 2021

The Bridge Coach, Psychic Medium and Women's Empowerment Mentor Sue Lundquist sat down with Allison to talk about how she turned trauma, grief and pain into her super Sue power! Watch here

Eternal Love

24 Feb 2021

Motivational Speaker, Psychic Medium and Author Elias Patras sat down with Allison to talk about how love after loss is always eternally within us. Watch here

Grief and Moving Forward

24 Feb 2021

Melissa White recently hosted Allison Voth on her Spirit Room Podcast to talk about her loss of a parent, grief and how she overcame it to help others. Listen here

Signs from Spirit

10 Feb 2021

Psychic Medium and Group Mentor Melissa White sat down with Allison to talk about how when we heal, spirit heals too. Watch here


Follow Your Path

18 Dec 2020

Writer Cheryl Lyric and Author of "Mirror Images: A Holistic Approach to Happiness", sat down with Allison to share the spiritual depth of self-realization from losing both of her parents. Watch here

The Answers are Inside You

11 Nov 2020

New York Times Bestselling Editor for Dr. Joe Dispenza, Writer Tim Shields, and Author of "A Curious Year in the Great Vivarium Experiment", shared with Allison how losing his parents at a young age propelled him into taking a leap into the unknown. This led him into a year-long journey across the globe! Watch here

The Catalyst of Loss

19 Sept 2020

Vitality Seeker, Hypnotherapist and Salt Spring Life's Video Director Jai Wilson, shared with Allison how the loss of his Mom became the catalyst to live in alignment with his authenticity. Watch here

Grief Speaks from the Honey Heart

18 Oct 2020

Spoken Grief recently shared Allison's story of loss on their unique social media community that breaks the silence around sharing our grief experiences. Read more here

Spreading Love

25 May 2020

Explore White Rock interviewed Allison after hearing the buzz of positivity in the community from her spreading love initiative. Read more here