Bee Blessed​

Sweetening Bereavement

HoneyHeart Co. curates 'Angels of Love' memorial candles to honour those who transitioned into spirit. Hand-crafted individually by Queen Bee Alli with 100% beeswax and cotton wicks, these are unique all-natural memorial gifts. Be an Angel in someone's life by gifting them with a token they can keep as a beautiful reminder of their beloved, or burn to release the light as a celebration of life.  Angels measure 4 x 3 inches.

100 % of donations are applied to the costs to support the maintenance of our collective beehive and keep the legacy honey flowing for generations to enjoy! Your Angel gift is so much more than a memory, it's fostering a legacy of love for future generations. Angels are created in small batches and released selectively with our partners throughout the year, these unique gifts don't last long! 

Proud Partners

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Project Angel

The HoneyHeart Co. memorial beehive at Heritage Gardens Cemetary is in honour of Allison's late Dad, Larry and her honourary Queen Bee GP Eventworx Paula Meyer's late husband, Gary. Together they have a special bee-shaped plaque in the garden with intials "L & G" representing them with the tagline "Life's Good." 80% of honey produced from our hive in 2021 will be sold to sponsor the beehive for future generations to enjoy. 

Memorial Beehive

Heritage Gardens Cemetery is tucked into a beautiful green belt in South Surrey, BC Canada. A certified green sustainable cemetery that creates environmental stewardship by caring for nature that exists on the land, and are preserving it for future generations. They have created a wonderful park-like estate setting that truly honours the land and our loved ones. This place isn't just a resting place, it truly feels like coming home for the living.


Larry V.

Gary M.

Yogesha W.

Jennifer P.

Lindsay G.

Jacob F.

Ralph S.

Le Estcwéy̓ 

(The Missing)

Cory G.

Alice C.

Alice B.

Janet E.

Valentin F.

Jytte F.

Wayne C.

Janet W.

Petro P.

Marina P.

Han Choo L.

Yolande L.

Kayla R.

Nina M.

Reg. L.

Jeff V.

Justin J.

Ravinesh K.

Josie G.

Peggie H.

McKenzie H.

Jay N.

Don R.

Be a supporting Angel


Read the full story of how the Angels were created & evolved into this initative. 100% of donations are applied to our annual fee to keep our apiary healthy for years to come!


Angel candle & honey recipients from our hive, plus supporting donorsare eligible to submit a 

names to honour. Email Queen Bee Alli.

[email protected]