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Bee Blessed​

Made with Love

HoneyHeart Co. curates 'Angel of Love' candles to honour our loved ones in heaven. These unique memorial gifts are hand-crafted individually by Queen Bee Alli with 100% beeswax and cotton wicks. Each Angel measures 4 x 3 inches and you can keep them as a token, or burn as a celebration of life.

All sales are not for profit, which means this initiative directly supports our collective memorial beehive annual costs to maintain a healthy hive for generations to enjoy. Sales also cover our costs for materials and time to bring these sweet gifts as blessings to honour those in Spirit.

Photo credit: Community Photography

Hive Honour Roll

Everyone who makes a purchase, or receives a Project Angel memorial product can commemorate names to our Hive Honour Roll below. Project Angel's mission is honour our loved ones who walked the earth before us, while also creating a sustainble green footprint through this sponsorship at Heritage Gardens Sustainable Cemetery in South Surrey B.C. Canada.

Larry V.

Gary M.

Yogesha W.

Jennifer P.

Lindsay G.

Jacob F.

Ralph S.

Le Estcwéy̓ 

(The Missing)

Cory G.

Alice C.

Alice B.

Janet E.

Valentin F.

Jytte F.

Wayne C.

Janet W.

Scott M.

Petro P.

Marina P.

Han Choo L.

Yolande L.

Kayla R.

Nina M.

Reg. L.

Jeff V.

Arthar H.C.

Justin J.

Ravinesh K.

Josie G.

Peggie H.

McKenzie H.

Jay N.

Don R.

Our Proud Partners