Hello Love

"Gratitude is a Smile in the Heart"

An Idea Is Born

With health restrictions in place, it is a real challenge for those living alone especially Seniors. With very little social interaction and no physical contact, it has been proven to cause dementia related illness symptoms to progress faster.

As a single care-giver striving to provide the best possible care for my Mom with Alzheimer's, I am creating ways to connect the heart and enrich the brain by bringing back the smiles! 

Hand-writing enriches the brains neurocircuitry which enhances lifelong vitality. Seeing smiles produces the feel good chemicals in our heart, giving us the yummy warm and fuzzies. We all need more of that!

Be a PenPal

Kathryn is "Smiley" herself. Challenges don't stop her from finding something to be grateful for. She has a story on Page 156 of "The Grateful Soul"  book. You can buy it on Amazon HERE.

Be our pandemic PENPAL & write to us! Let us know what brings you smiles, it's super easy here are the steps;

  • Write  a letter addressed to 'Smiley'.
  • Let us know if you read the book, what you are grateful for and what makes you smile?
  • Include something simple about yourself, where you live and even a photo of you smiling!
  • Mail to PO Box 75191, Surrey B.C. Canada V4A 0B1.

"Isn't that a corker!"

Episode #1 - Smiley receives her first penpal letters and describes how good it feels to see the effort people have made to write to her, and send photographs of their smiles!

Be sweet and smile with us!